Rural Community College Leadership

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Your Challenge:

As a rural community college you are continually expected to do more with less. At the same time, most of the supervisors who report to you start out with little management and leadership experience and sometimes even less higher education experience. Your HR department, doesn't have the time or the expertise to provide leadership training. Webinars don't provide an engaged and individualized training program. It is expensive to send staff to meaningful training program.

Your Solution:

Andrew has spent over nine years developing leaders at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, CO and Mid-Plains Community College as the Vice President of Student Affairs and McCook Community College campus executive. During his last four years in McCook retention, occupancy, and staff engagement all increased as budgets decreased. Andrew comes to you to provide training to your entire leadership team and examine your team's strengths, engagement, and challenges to adjust the training. Based on his experience, he talks your language of the unique challenges rural community colleges face. Your team will gain tools and learn strategies they can use the day after the training is over.


One day experiences make it difficult to build the relationships required to develop your team. There are two training options:

1. Two Day Training - Andrew spends two days at your organization. Based on the topics chosen, Andrew combines classroom learning, team discussions, and individual conversations. This gives your team a chance to learn, but also figure out how to implement solutions. Currently, there are three different two day training programs:

A. Individual Strengths and Team Engagement - Your leaders will discover their individual strengths and how they can apply them in the workplace. Also, Andrew will visit with different teams at your site to learn more about engagement, strengths, and opportunities for growth. Andrew will discuss this information with your leadership team to find solutions to increase engagement. An increase in student affairs staff engagement at Mid-Plains Community College led to over a 10% increase in fall to fall retention.

B. Two Day Leadership Challenge - Following the five practices of Kouzes and Posner's Leadership Challenge, your team will learn and complete activities to establish a set of common values, develop an individual leadership philosophy, develop visions for the organization, find areas to improve the organization, learn to get buy-in on initiatives, and examine ways to encourage the heart of your staff.

C. Manager's Toolbox - You have staff members that have stepped into leadership positions, but may not have all the skills needed to be successful. This two day program helps managers with productivity hacks, effective business communication, running effective meetings, building team engagement, using data and feedback to increase performance, and how to build the right team through successful hiring, on-boarding, and staff development.

D. Using Key Performance Indicators to drive effectiveness and assessment - Andrew will visit with the different departments to help determine their most important roles. Then, he will work with them to set up a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats report that will include yearly Key Performance Indicators and a narrative to help explain what the numbers mean. This will give your department the right targets to shoot for to focus on outcomes.

2. Quarterly Mentor Meetings - Andrew comes to your organization once a quarter and works individually with up to six individuals on your team. The group will spend an hour together at the start and end of the day and in between, Andrew will provide one on one coaching with each individual around strengths, workplace effectiveness, management, and leadership. Andrew provides monthly e-mails to these individuals to make sure they stay on their development paths.


Contact Andrew to set up an hour conversation that will consist of a complementary thirty minute strengths coaching interview along with a 30 minute organization discussion to assess your needs.


$750/day plus travel expenses if you are located more than 150 miles away from McCook, NE.