Leadership Transitions


Your Challenge:

As a rural business or organization you the transition of every leader can be dangerous. The leader of an organization can be one of the biggest investments of a rural organization. When someone new comes in, it can be difficult to understand the expectations of the board and at the same time develop engaged employees. Many times, a poorly executed transition leaves a new leader confused, a board disappointed, and an organization in disarray.

Your Solution:

Andrew has spent over a decade training and developing leaders to improve the performance of teams, businesses, and schools. He has also provided leadership in the selection and orientation of students and professional staff. Andrew comes to you to provide a framework that your organization and new leader can use to get up to speed in a hurry.

The Program:

Andy works with your organization on four separate days to help with a new leader selection and on boarding. Based on your situation, this schedule can be adjusted.

1. Day One - Andy travels to you and has a series of conversations with various stakeholders in your organization. He helps you develop the interview structure, questions, and format to make sure you are prepared for the interview process.

2. Day Two - Andy travels to you to help develop your orientation for the new leader. With collaboration, he will develop the schedule, material, and key conversation the new leader will have during the first couple weeks on the job. He will also work with your organization to look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your organization is faced and define what type of transition your organization is experiencing. Andy will also conduct an employee engagement survey to understand the level of employee engagement.

3. Day Three - Andy meets wit the new leader of the organization. During the day, they will have a strengths coaching session, identify goals, talk about building an internal brand, have interviews with direct reports, review employee engagement data, look at what type of transition the organization is experiencing, and talk about what type of transition the organization is going through.

4. Day Four - Andy has one more follow up meeting with the new leader. During the day, they will establish long term goals, talk about working with the board/owner, assessing the team, and talk about how to build alignment between all stakeholders in the organization.


Contact Andy to set up an appointment to talk about your leadership transition.