Grant Community Leadership Program hosts second meeting.

The Grant Community Leadership Class met for the second time at Perkins County Community Hospital to discuss and learn about strengths, vision, and local health care.

In the morning, the class examined their Clifton StrengthsFinder results and how strengths can be analyzed in a group to see group strengths and weaknesses. They also discussed how leaders inspire a shared vision and why it’s important to consider the past, present and future to establish a vision.

Midway through the morning Perkins County Health Services (PCHS) CEO, Neil Hilton spoke about health care in Perkins County. Jennifer Baumgartner, Vice President of Information Technology, also talked to the class about the role technology plays in health care and how it has evolved. Taylor Maucher, Vice President of Finance, went into Perkins County Health Services finances and the different local, state, and national forces that affect PCHS.

After the overall presentation, Hilton, Dana McArtor, Vice President of Nursing, and Tim Rowley, Vice President of Support Services, gave the group a tour of the facilities. The class was able to see the updated hospital rooms, along with the emergency room, and diagnostic services. PCHS leadership was able to explain how they were able to work with the architects and construction company to create the facility that meets the local needs.

Ben Dutton, University of Nebraska Community Vitality Extension Agent, led the group through an exercise after lunch. He challenged the group to look at the major trends in each of the last six decades and then project what we will see in the next two to three decades. Based on this, he challenged the group to think about how Perkins County needs to adjust to be ready to the changes coming in technology and society.

The day finished discussing potential group projects. The class talked about local needs and potential ideas. Through a multi-voting technique, the group narrowed the choice between an improved recreational area in town and working to improve housing needs.

The Grant Community Leadership Class is a group of 19 local individuals who are meeting from September through April. The program increases the leadership capacity of those involved, creates closer ties, explores the community, and will complete a community improvement project. Rotary has led efforts to bring the program to Grant, Perkins County Community Foundation was the major financial sponsor, and the program is administered through the non-profit Cultivate Rural Leaders. For questions or additional information, contact Andy Long at or 308-737-5777.